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Attitudinal Factors Affecting Wiki Group Collaboration for English Writing

Chwen Jen Chen, Kee Man Chuah, Jimmy Tho, Chee Siong Teh

Date of publication: 06.10.2015

TAGs: Wiki, Attitudinal factors, Collaborative learning, Pedagogical issues, Language learning


Why Do Learners Cooperate? Hints from Network Sciences on Motivation for Collaborative Learning

Fabio Nascimbeni

Date of publication: 20.12.2013

TAGs: collaborative learning, network sciences, collaboration leadership, motivation, networking


Learner Generated Content: Quality Criteria in online Collaborative Learning

Maria Pérez-Mateo, Marcelo F. Maina, Montse Guitert, Marc Romero

Date of publication: 20.12.2011

TAGs: Learner Generated Content; quality criteria; Collaborative learning; wiki; online learning


The Influence of Experience, Ability and Interest on eLearning Effectiveness

Matti Haverila, Reza Barkhi

Date of publication: 28.05.2009

TAGs: e-learning, collaborative learning, learning effectiveness


Towards Innovative Virtual Learning in Vocational Teacher Education: Narratives as a Form of Meaningful Learning

Matti Haverila, Marjatta Myllylä, Hanna Torp

Date of publication: 14.04.2009

TAGs: E-Learning, Collaborative learning, Teacher Education, Asynchronous Interaction, Meaningful learning


Interaction and Collaborative Learning - If, Why and How?

Berit Östlund

Date of publication: 02.10.2008

TAGs: Peer-learner interaction, collaborative learning, asynchronous computer-mediated distance education


The use of a Course Management System for the investigation of the relationship between collaboration and students' achievement in a course of Physics

Sarantos Psycharis

Date of publication: 02.04.2007

TAGs: Collaborative Learning, ICT, Course Management, Physics


HOT and Flaming Spirals: Learning and Empathic Interfaces in Discussion Forum Text-based Dialogues

Stylianos Hatzipanagos

Date of publication: 03.04.2006

TAGs: Computer Mediated Communication, interactive learning environments, collaborative learning, higher order thinking, text-based discussion forum content analysis


Problem Based Management Learning-Better Online?

Petra Luck and Bill Norton

Date of publication: 09.12.2004

TAGs: Collaborative learning, management education, student perceptions of e-learning, problem based learning




e-learning, distance learning, distance education, online learning, higher education, DE, blended learning, ICT, MOOCs, information and communication technology, internet, collaborative learning, learning management system, interaction, LMS,

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