The Training of Teachers and Trainers:
Innovative Practices, Skills and Competencies in the use of eLearning

David E. Gray, (University of Surrey, UK) []
Malcolm Ryan (University of Greenwich, UK) []
Arnaud Coulon (Algora, France) []

Appendix 2

Summary of Case Studies

Through a blended learning environment used by five regional agencies, trainees are trained in the development of blended learning materials for Small and Medium Enterprises.
Case 2 : FADOL SAF
A large-scale project for the development of the professional skills of workers in vocational training centres using online courseware, virtual classrooms and video conferencing.
Case 3 : PICO
A regionally-based ICT system aimed at tele-training trainers in SMEs and at training agencies and educational institutions interested in developing and designing eLearning for SMEs.
Case 4 : ALMAWEB
An executive MBA using blended learning, through which tutors act as intermediaries between learners and subject matter experts.
Case 5 : INDIRE
An open and flexible learning environment for newly hired higher education lecturers comprising 25 hours of online materials combined with 5 face-to-face meetings.
Six online training modules in seven languages aimed at developing problem-solving skills amongst occasional trainers.
Case 7 : AFPA
A blended approach to the training of trainers including work experience, individual assessments, resources (CD-ROMs, articles, websites) and eLearning through interactive forums and emails.
Case 8 : FIPFOD
A tool that allows for the design of an open and distance learning system, allowing developers (teachers) in universities to manipulate and test different combinations of programs, and facilitating collaboration between partners.
Case 9 : FOREM
A collaborative learning project using blended learning delivered by CD-ROMs, web sites and interactive forums for directors and managers of paramedical institutes.
Case 10 : CNPR
An open and distance learning program for learners in agricultural training centres, based upon six toolboxes which help learners to build their own projects. The toolboxes include materials such as DVDs and pdf files, as well as forums and email.
United Kingdom
A VLE for further education colleges to help train lecturers in accordance with national competency standards.
Case 12 : LEARN NET
The delivery of remote online advice and guidance to people with disabilities (physical and mental ill health) in their own homes.
Case 13 : CeLTT
A facilitated, online program for teachers and trainers using four different eLearning approaches to demonstrate alternative eLearning methodologies.
A doctoral programme in teacher education delivered through a mixture of online methodologies including e-lectures, a collaborative learning environment and videoconferencing.
Case 15 : CIPD COL
An accredited online program to train trainers in how to manage and facilitate eLearning.
Case 16 : WIFI
A blended learning programme for the training of trainers involving both face-to-face sessions plus one hundred eLearning courses supported by e-tutors.
A certificated multimedia program for the training of eLearning tutors including content (200 course hours), audio conferences, group work and group assessment.
Case 18 : VOV LRNG SQ
An ICT-based, subscription only learning network of corporate professionals and training consultants for sharing information and experience.
Case 19 : EXEMPLO
A knowledge-management tool for the sharing of good practice and information on training products amongst members of the European Vocational Training Association, including facilities for comments on postings and requests for information.
Video segments delivered via Blackboard to train students on a university teacher training programme on classroom practice.
Case 21 : FONTYS
An eLearning tool involving digital video for the assessment of communication competencies of social work students.
Case 22 Knowledge NET
A national project involving the rollout of infrastructure into primary and secondary schools and adult education/vocational institutions. It provides content for teachers, pupils, parents, ICT co-ordinators and developers.
Case 23 : UNIFF
A government sponsored and ESF supported University-based eLearning program for the training of trainers.

A University-sponsored program for the training of trainers, utilising blended learning through a virtual classroom containing content, images, presentations and websites.
Case 25 : IFO
A program for the training of trainers in Latin America incorporating a virtual classroom involving both individual and group participation and video conferencing.