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Learner Autonomy as a Factor of the Learning Process in Distance Education

Aggeliki Fotiadou, Christina Angelaki, Ilias Mavroidis

Date of publication: 28.04.2017

TAGs: Distance learning, autonomy, student-student interaction, tutor-student interaction, computer-mediated learning


Teaching Environmental Management Competencies Online: Towards "Authentic" Collaboration?

Simon Bell, Andy Lane, Kevin Collins, Andre Berardi, Rachel Slater

Date of publication: 17.02.2017

TAGs: group work, distance learning, e-learning, collaboration, participation, Environmental Management


Learning and Digital Environment of Dance – The Case of Greek Traditional Dance in YouTube

Dimitra Gratsiouni, Maria Koutsouba, Foteini Venetsanou, Vasiliki Tyrovola

Date of publication: 17.11.2016

TAGs: distance learning and teaching, information and communication technologies, YouTube, dance, Greek traditional dance


The Pygmalion Effect in Distance Learning: A Case Study at the Hellenic Open University

Maria Niari, Evaggelia Manousou, Antonis Lionarakis

Date of publication: 10.05.2016

TAGs: Pygmalion Effect, distance learning, adult learners, expectations, encouragement, support, interaction


Emotions Experienced by Learners and their Development through Communication with the Tutor-Counsellor

Michail Kalogiannakis, Sotiris Touvlatzis

Date of publication: 08.12.2015

TAGs: distance learning, learners' emotions, tutor-counsellor, collaboration, interaction, support


An Exploration of Tutor Feedback on Essays and the Development of a Feedback Guide

Anthea Wilson

Date of publication: 26.05.2015

TAGs: academic essay; assessment; feedback construction; distance learning; content analysis


Introducing a Structured Format for Learner Self-Assessment: The Tutor's Perspective

Clare Jacobs, Yvette Winnard, Vicki Elliott

Date of publication: 15.12.2014

TAGs: Self-assessment; Formative feedback; Dialogue; Student support; Distance learning; Interaction


Self-esteem and Loneliness as Factors Affecting Distance Learning Students

Maria Vakoufari, Angelaki Christina, Ilias Mavroidis

Date of publication: 05.11.2014

TAGs: Distance learning, self-esteem, loneliness, social presence, academic performance, course satisfaction academic drop out


The Effects of Social Networking Sites in Distance Learning on Learners' Academic Achievements

Büsra Özmen, Bünyamin Atici

Date of publication: 12.09.2014

TAGs: Distance learning, social networking sites, learning management systems, Blackboard


Student-centred Outcomes of an e-Learning Course on Public Health in Hanoi and New York

Bach Xuan Tran et al.

Date of publication: 08.07.2014

TAGs: distance learning; academic performance; capability; public health; Vietnam


Transactional Distance among Open University Students: How Does it Affect the Learning Process?

Amanda Kassandrinou, Christina Angelaki, Ilias Mavroidis

Date of publication: 13.01.2014

TAGs: student-student transactional distance, blended course, distance learning, communication, interaction


Communication and Social Presence: The Impact on Adult Learners' Emotions in Distance Learning

Christina Angelaki, Ilias Mavroidis

Date of publication: 12.04.2013

TAGs: communication, emotions, distances learning, adult learners, social presence


The Freshers' Week Experience in a VLE: Can it be achieved?

Yvette Winnard, Vicki Elliott

Date of publication: 12.10.2012

TAGs: Student Induction; Online Induction; Distance learning; Student Experience


A Social Network Analysis Comparison of an Experienced and a Novice Instructor in Online Teaching

Patricia Fidalgo, Joan Thormann

Date of publication: 12.04.2012

TAGs: discussion forums, distance learning, e-learning, online interaction, social network analysis


Burnout Syndrome in Students of a Distance Learning Program: The Open University of Cyprus Experience

Andreas Pavlakis, Dafni Kaitelidou

Date of publication: 07.03.2012

TAGs: burnout syndrome, distance learning, Cypriots students


Online Collaborative Learning in Health Care Education

Catherine Westbrook

Date of publication: 26.01.2012

TAGs: collaboration, e-learning, distance learning, education, radiography, online


Using Creative Multimedia in Teaching and Learning ICTs: A Case Study

Soraya Kouadri Mostéfaoui, Giselle Ferreira, Judith Williams, Clem Herman

Date of publication: 17.01.2012

TAGs: Creative multimedia, open educational resources, distance learning, assessment, creativity


E-Learning in Science and Technology via a Common Learning Platform in a Lifelong Learning Project

Freddy Priem, Renaat De Craemer, Johan Calu, Fran Pedreschi, Thomas Zimmer, Sylvain Saighi, Jarmo Lilja

Date of publication: 16.03.2011

TAGs: distance learning, blended problem-based learning, electronic learning platform, remote measurement, virtual laboratory experiment, international co-operation, student mobility


Higher Education Distance Learning in Portugal - State of the Art and Current Policy Issues

Abrar Hasan, Wolfram Laaser

Date of publication: 07.12.2010

TAGs: Higher Education, Policy, Distance Learning


Communication between tutors - students in DL

Anastasiades Panagiotis, Iliadou Chrysoula

Date of publication: 01.07.2010

TAGs: Hellenic Open University, Distance Learning, tutor-counsellor, effective communication, support, interaction


Impact of Learning Modalities on Academic Success

Fabien Fenouillet, Jonathan Kaplan

Date of publication: 09.12.2009

TAGs: e-learning, distance learning, blended learning, academic success, art history, educational sciences


Open Distance Learning in Cyprus: A Population-based Survey

Mamas M. Theodorou, Elpidoforos S. Soteriades, Daphne Kaitelidou, Andreas Pavlakis

Date of publication: 02.06.2008

TAGs: Open University of Cyprus, Distance learning, Awareness, Methodology, Educational Behaviour


Usability testing of e-learning content as used in two learning management systems

Prof. Dr. Matjaž Debevc, Julija Lapuh Bele

Date of publication: 04.01.2008

TAGs: Distance Learning, Learning Management Systems, Open Systems, Accessibility, Usability Testing


Distant Classmates: speech and silence in online and telephone language tutorials

Ursula Stickler, Carolyn Batstone, Annette Duensing, Barbara Heins

Date of publication: 27.09.2007

TAGs: distance learning, language tutorials, interaction, silence


Open and Distance Learning: Does IT (Still) Matter?

Vitor Cardoso, Jose Bidarra

Date of publication: 10.03.2007

TAGs: Open and Distance Learning (ODL), e-learning, Information Technology (IT), Learning Management System (LMS)


Open Educational Resources - anonymity vs. specificity

Bernd Remmele

Date of publication: 15.12.2006

TAGs: Open learning, distance learning, organizational models, Web 2.0, peer production


Student's Attitudes towards the Hypermedia Learning Environment "Physics for Medical Students"

Heike Theyßen

Date of publication: 02.11.2006

TAGs: Distance learning, e-learning, hypermedia learning environment, science education, medical studies, students' attitudes


Examining social interaction patterns for online apprenticeship learning - Object-oriented programming as the knowledge domain

Jens Bennedsen, Ola Berge and Annita Fjuk

Date of publication: 14.11.2005

TAGs: Distance learning, apprenticeship, programming, CSCL


Online Faculty Support and Education Innovation – A Case Study

Olaf Zawacki-Richter

Date of publication: 25.02.2005

TAGs: Faculty support, education innovation, dual-mode university, flexible learning, online distance learning project management


A Quality Framework for Producing Clinically Competent Nurses Through Distance Education

Judith Hurst and Dr Susannah Quinsee

Date of publication: 15.11.2004

TAGs: Online learning, distance learning, quality, nurse education, higher education


Productionizing of Streaming Educational Material

Thanassis Hadzilacos, Dimitris Kalles, Spyros Papadakis and Michalis Xenos

Date of publication: 07.06.2004

TAGs: Tools for interactive learning and teaching, Multimedia applications, Cost-effectiveness in open and distance learning, Authoring tools




e-learning, distance learning, distance education, online learning, higher education, DE, blended learning, MOOCs, ICT, information and communication technology, collaborative learning, internet, interaction, learning management system, LMS,

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