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Leveraging Social Media in Higher Education: A Case of Universities in Uganda

Drake Patrick Mirembe, Jude T. Lubega, Martha Kibukamusoke

Date of publication: 31.03.2019

TAGs: Social Media, eLearning, ICT4D, Ugandan Universities, WhatsApp, Universities


Scalability of Learners’ Success Rates in e-Learning: A Survey Study of the Learners’ Perspectives

Ezra K. Maritim, Daniel Makini Getuno

Date of publication: 23.01.2018

TAGs: Open and distance learning, online learning, scalability, e-learning, success rate, support elements


Teaching Environmental Management Competencies Online: Towards "Authentic" Collaboration?

Simon Bell, Andy Lane, Kevin Collins, Andre Berardi, Rachel Slater

Date of publication: 17.02.2017

TAGs: group work, distance learning, e-learning, collaboration, participation, Environmental Management


Open and Distance Learning: Cultural Practices in Nepal

Shesha Kanta Pangeni

Date of publication: 11.07.2016

TAGs: open and distance learning, online learning, web 2.0 technology, e-learning, Nepali education culture, flexible learning


Let's Look to Future! E-Learning-Trends and Hypes in Academic Teaching

Helge Fischer, Linda Heise, Matthias Heinz, Kathrin Moebius, Thomas Koehler

Date of publication: 01.12.2015

TAGs: e-learning, innovation, higher education, content analysis, future studies


Culture-specific Perceptions of Motivation and Implications for Technology Enhanced Learning

Thomas Richter

Date of publication: 01.12.2015

TAGs: Motivation, E-Learning, Learning Culture Survey, Culture, Education, Intercultural Education


A Responsive Paradigm for Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Integration into Business Organizations

Lina Kaminskiené, Elena Trepulé, Aušra Rutkiené, Gintaras Arbutavicius

Date of publication: 29.12.2014

TAGs: Technology enhanced learning (TEL), e-learning, business organization


Cross-Cultural Communication and Collaboration: Case of an International e-Learning Project

Elif Toprak, Evrim Genc-Kumtepe

Date of publication: 10.02.2014

TAGs: Culture, communication, ODL, e-Learning, cross-cultural communication, project management


Design and Development of a Self-Assessment Tool and Investigating its Effectiveness for E-Learning

Manisha Domun, Goonesh K Bahadur

Date of publication: 13.01.2014

TAGs: Self-Assessment Tool, Intellectual Property and Copyright in Educational Processes, e-learning, effective tools, Revised Blooms Taxonomy


Personalisation and Tutoring in e-Learning – The Key for Success in Learning in Later Life

Sonia Hetzner, Eline A. E. Leen

Date of publication: 20.12.2013

TAGs: E-learning, older learners, learners’ support, personalization, learning in later life


The Tutors' Views on the Utilization of E-learning System in Architectural Education

Bhzad Sidawi

Date of publication: 26.08.2013

TAGs: e-learning system, architectural education, virtual learning environment, virtual design studio


Connectivism: 21st Century's New Learning Theory

Dorothy C. Kropf

Date of publication: 26.08.2013

TAGs: connectivism, e-learning, information repositories, learning theory


Learning Object Repositories in e-Learning: Challenges for Learners in Saudi Arabia

Abdullah AlMegren, Siti Zuraiyni Yassin

Date of publication: 26.06.2013

TAGs: Learning objects; learning objects repositories; e-learning; open and distance learning; development in education, higher education


Rich Media e-Compendiums: A New Tool for Enhanced Learning in Higher Education

Brynjar Foss, Bjørg F. Oftedal, Atle Løkken

Date of publication: 24.04.2013

TAGs: e-learning, e-compendiums, higher education, blended learning


Students' Attitudes towards Technology-Enabled Learning: A Change in Learning Patterns? The Case of a Master's Course in Political Science

Mihai Paunescu

Date of publication: 07.03.2013

TAGs: e-learning, learning strategies, learning theories, higher education, students' attitudes


Influence of Learning Styles on Graphical User Interface Preferences for e-Learners

Velimir Dedić, Suzana Marković

Date of publication: 05.07.2012

TAGs: learning style, graphical user interface, e-learning, LSI


A Social Network Analysis Comparison of an Experienced and a Novice Instructor in Online Teaching

Patricia Fidalgo, Joan Thormann

Date of publication: 12.04.2012

TAGs: discussion forums, distance learning, e-learning, online interaction, social network analysis


Web-based Writing Support: Making it Useable for Distance Teachers

Robin Goodfellow, Pat Strauss, Marianne Puxley

Date of publication: 26.03.2012

TAGs: distance education, e-learning, academic writing, online writing support


Virtual Virtuosos: A Case Study in Learning Music in Virtual Learning Environments in Spain

Enric Alberich-Artal, Albert Sangra

Date of publication: 21.02.2012

TAGs: e-learning, music education, virtual conservatoires, on-line education


Online Collaborative Learning in Health Care Education

Catherine Westbrook

Date of publication: 26.01.2012

TAGs: collaboration, e-learning, distance learning, education, radiography, online


Servant-leadership: the Online Way! E-learning where community building is key

Sylvia van de Bunt-Kokhuis, Nabil Sultan

Date of publication: 26.01.2012

TAGs: e-learning, online servant-leadership, awareness raising, community building


eNOSHA, a Free, Open and Flexible Learning Object Repository – An Iterative Development Process for Global User-friendliness

Peter Mozelius, Enosha Hettiarachchi

Date of publication: 17.01.2012

TAGs: Learning object repository, content management, Software development, System integration, eNOSHA, Open source, Learning Objects, E-learning


Adaptability as a Special Demand on Open Educational Resources: The Cultural Context of e-Learning

Thomas Richter

Date of publication: 20.12.2011

TAGs: Open Educational Resources, e-Learning, Adaptation, Internationalization, Culture, Learning Culture


Methodology for Design of Web-based Laparoscopy e-Training System

Daniela Borissova, Ivan Mustakerov

Date of publication: 15.11.2011

TAGs: Web-based information system, e-learning, e-training, medical information system, design methodology


Learning in Digital: An Approach to Digital Learners in the UOC Scenario

Marc Romero, Montse Guitert, Mark Bullen, Tannis Morgan

Date of publication: 30.09.2011

TAGs: ICT, e-learning, Digital learners, digital media, study habits, Higher Education


Teaching with Youtube: Quality Assessment of English and Hungarian Videos on Physical Education

Sára Tímár, Andrea Kárpáti, Ágnes Kokovay

Date of publication: 29.09.2011

TAGs: e-learning, social web, knowledge creation networks, evaluation, digital learning resources


Attitudes of Face-to-Face and e-Learning Instructors toward 'Active Learning'

David Pundak, Orit Herscovitz, Miri Shacham

Date of publication: 16.11.2010

TAGs: active learning, active instructors, e-learning, students' involvement, evaluation


Tutoring at a distance, online tutoring and tutoring in Second Life

David Hawkridge, Matthew Wheeler

Date of publication: 26.03.2010

TAGs: Tutoring, distance education, online education, e-learning, Second Life


On-Line Course Curricula and Interactional Strategies: The Foundations and Extensions to Adult e-Learning Communities

Dr. Christopher A. Chaves

Date of publication: 09.02.2009

TAGs: On-line courses, e-learning, e-learning curriculum designs, adult learners, on-line interaction, experiential learning, constructivism


'Mode Neutral' pedagogy

Brian Smith, Peter Reed, Chris Jones

Date of publication: 02.06.2008

TAGs: Mode Neutral, elearning, pool of reflection, communication for learning, role of the tutor


Exploring the Effects of Web-Enabled Problem-Based Learning and Self-Regulated Learning on Vocational Students’ Involvement in Learning

Pei-Di Shen, Tsang-Hsiung Lee, Chia-Wen Tsai, Chia-Jen Ting

Date of publication: 02.06.2008

TAGs: Web-Based PBL, Web-Based SRL, e-learning, Involvement, Vocational Students, Application Software Education


E-learning policy and the 'transformation' of schooling: a UK case study

Adrian Mee

Date of publication: 22.11.2007

TAGs: policy, transformation, e-learning, schools, UK


Exploring the mechanisms for assuring quality of e-learning courses in UK higher education institutions

Magdalena Jara, Harvey Mellar

Date of publication: 10.03.2007

TAGs: Quality assurance, e-learning, online learning, quality enhancement, higher education, institutional management of quality


Open and Distance Learning: Does IT (Still) Matter?

Vitor Cardoso, Jose Bidarra

Date of publication: 10.03.2007

TAGs: Open and Distance Learning (ODL), e-learning, Information Technology (IT), Learning Management System (LMS)


Dialogue and the Construction of Knowledge in E-Learning: Exploring Students’ Perceptions of Their Learning While Using Blackboard’s Asynchronous Discussion Board

Henry Johnson

Date of publication: 05.01.2007

TAGs: Discussion board, dialogue, E-learning, blackboard


A Training Proposal for e-Learning Teachers

Florentino Blázquez Entonado, Laura Alonso Díaz

Date of publication: 02.11.2006

TAGs: Technology uses in education, Online courses, Teacher training, Teacher education, E-learning, Online tutoring


Student's Attitudes towards the Hypermedia Learning Environment "Physics for Medical Students"

Heike Theyßen

Date of publication: 02.11.2006

TAGs: Distance learning, e-learning, hypermedia learning environment, science education, medical studies, students' attitudes


Social software: E-learning beyond learning management systems

Christian Dalsgaard

Date of publication: 12.07.2006

TAGs: social software, e-learning, social constructivism, learning management systems, personal tools, social networks


Cost analysis for e-learning foreign languages

Demetra Mantzari and Anastasios A. Economides

Date of publication: 16.11.2004

TAGs: Breakeven Point Analysis, Cost analysis, E-learning, Virtual Foreign Languages School


The Learning Objects Structure Petri Net

Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse and Prof. Dr. Heide-Rose Vatterrott

Date of publication: 27.10.2004

TAGs: learning objects, metadata, re-use, standards, e-learning, Petri Nets, Learning Objects Structure Petri Net


ICT and Lifelong Learning

Ass. Prof. Dr. Dejan Dinevski and Prof. Dr. Peter Kokol

Date of publication: 25.10.2004

TAGs: Lifelong learning, E-learning, Personalization


Evaluating e-learning Courses for Continuing Professional Development Using the Conversational Model: A Review of UNIGIS

Dr. Charles Buckley and Karl Donert

Date of publication: 30.09.2004

TAGs: UNIGIS, e-learning, pedagogical orientation, continuing professional development, evaluation, Conversational model


The Role of Tutors as a Integral Part of Online Learning Support

Maggie McPherson and Miguel Baptista Nunes

Date of publication: 04.06.2004

TAGs: e-tutoring, e-facilitating, e-learning, tutoring skills, tutor selection, online learning support


Quality in E-Learning From a Learner's Perspective

Ulf-Daniel Ehlers

Date of publication: 18.05.2004

TAGs: Quality, E-Learning, Learner-orientation, Learner's preferences, empirical model, subjective quality




e-learning, distance learning, distance education, online learning, higher education, DE, blended learning, MOOCs, ICT, information and communication technology, collaborative learning, internet, interaction, learning management system, LMS,

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