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Best of EDEN 2015 (downloadable pdf)

Best of EDEN 2015, Annual Conference, Barcelona (downloadable pdf)

Best of EDEN 2015, Open Classroom Cenferences, Athens - Aalborg (downloadable pdf)


Technology as a Vehicle for Inclusion of Learners with Attention Deficits in Mainstream Schools

Hanne Voldborg Andersen, Elsebeth K. Sorensen


technology, inclusion, special educational needs learners, attention deficit, empowerment


Student Vulnerability and Agency in Networked, Digital Learning

Paul Prinsloo, Sharon Slade


learning analytics, student data, agency, vulnerability


The "Boomerang Effect": How Outsourcing Impacts on the Workload of Academics

Thomas Hülsmann, Britta Zawada



Video-Based Learning in Higher Education: The Flipped or the Hands-on Classroom?

Laia Albó, Davinia Hernández-Leo, Jaume Barcelo, Luis Sanabria-Russo


video-based learning, VBL, flipped classroom, FC, higher education


Social Networking and Informal Second Language Learning in Livemocha and Busuu Online Communities

Maria Luisa Malerba


online communities, second language learning, social network sites (SNSs)


Added Values and Challenges Social Media Represent in the Hybridisation of Teacher Training

Anders Grov Nilsen, Aslaug Grov Almås



Implementing Innovative Learning Methods: A Two Schools Example

Argyropoulou Maria, 4Chiotelis Ioannis, Theodoropoulou Maria, George Birbas



Closing the "Learning Design Life-Cycle" with the Pedagogical Planner

Francesca Pozzi, Andrea Ceregini, Francesca Dagnino, Michela Ott, Mauro Tavella


learning design, intangible cultural heritage, pedagogical planning, conceptualization, authoring, implementation


When Innovative Learning Designs are too Innovative: Creating Relations in Chaosmos

Thomas Kjaergaard, Christian Wahl


preparation for lessons, chaosmos, schema, self-regulated learning, scaffolding




e-learning, distance learning, distance education, online learning, higher education, DE, blended learning, MOOCs, ICT, information and communication technology, collaborative learning, internet, interaction, learning management system, LMS,

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