Recent Contributions

EURODL is collecting its articles in a ROLLING ISSUE, which means publishing each contribution for 6 months and then placing it in an accessible archive.

The archive consists of 6-month-long blocks, with simple reference titles such as 2004/I or 2004/II. Contributions will be placed in the related archive block by their publication dates, therefore even at the date of publishing (eg March 2004) it is already determined how the publication can be referred to (2004/I - January to June) regardless of the fact that the rolling issue keeps the contribution displayed until September 2004.

Articles of the past 6 months

Author Title Comment Date of publishing
Giannakoudakis Zacharias, Giossos Yiannis Differences between Regular and Distance Education in a Teacherís Training Program comment 01.12.2017
Tharindu R. Liyanagunawardena, Sandra Scalzavara, Shirley A. Williams Open Badges: A systematic Review of Peer-Reviewed Published Literature (2011-2015) comment 08.09.2017