Peer-reviewed arcticles



Reliability and validity of an evaluation tool for the online class

Prof. Amany Saleh, Assist. Prof. Marcia Lamkin

Date of publication: 02.12.2008

Tags: Online Teaching, Course Evaluation, Evaluation of Online Teachers


The role of campus-sessions and face-to-face meetings in distance education

Sólveig Jakobsdóttir

Date of publication: 02.12.2008

Tags: DE, face-to-face meetings, online learning, blended learning, teacher education, access


Virtual Reality in Education: A Theoretical Approach for Road Safety Training to Students

Emmanuel Fokides, Costas Tsolakidis

Date of publication: 26.11.2008

Tags: Constructivism, Road Safety Education, Simulation, Virtual Reality


Factors Affecting Student Success in K-12 Interactive Television Programs

Michiko Kobayashi

Date of publication: 24.11.2008

Tags: Interactive Television, Interaction, Social presence, Sense of Community


LoL Classroom: A Virtual University Classroom Based on Enhanced Chats

Erika Pigliapoco, Giovanni Torrisi, Massimo Messina, Alessandro Bogliolo

Date of publication: 30.10.2008

Tags: Virtual classroom, Chat Room, E-learning


CD-ROM Use in e-Learning

Mahmoud M. El-Khouly

Date of publication: 30.10.2008

Tags: e-learning, program usability, CD-ROM, Web-based


Interaction and Collaborative Learning - If, Why and How?

Berit Östlund

Date of publication: 02.10.2008

Tags: Peer-learner interaction, collaborative learning, asynchronous computer-mediated distance education


E-Learning: Investigating University Student’s Acceptance of Technology

Marie-Louise L. Jung, Karla Loria, Rana Mostaghel Parmita Saha

Date of publication: 02.10.2008

Tags: E-learning, TAM, Higher education, ICT, University, Internet


Is Off-campus Engineering Study Off the Agenda? Professional Accreditation and Distance Education

Stuart Palmer, Wayne Hall

Date of publication: 02.10.2008

Tags: Distance Education, Lifelong Learning, Mature Age Students, Professional Accreditation, Graduate Attributes, Outcomes-based Education




e-learning, distance learning, distance education, online learning, higher education, DE, blended learning, ICT, information and communication technology, collaborative learning, internet, MOOC, learning management system, LMS, interaction,

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