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The European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning – EURODL is an electronic, multi-media journal on distance and e-learning distributed on the Internet. It publishes the accounts of research, development and teaching for Europe in its most inclusive definition, exploring the potential of electronic publishing. EURODL presents scholarly work and solid information about open, distance and e-learning, education through telematics, multimedia, on-line learning and co-operation.

We are delighted to inform that the EDEN Executive Committee assigned Dr. Ulrich Bernath, Chair of the "Foundation for Research in Open and Distance Learning", Senior Fellow of EDEN, as Chief Editor of EURODL.

Dr. Bernath has been working for the journal as Acting Chief Editor since June 2013. His sytematic and professional leadership ensured a smooth operation and continued high quality of the publication. The experience he gained in the field of Open, Distance and E-Learning, his comprehensive understanding of open access culture and extended personal participation in EDEN activities guarantee the journal's (constant) distinguished role in the filed of ODL.

EDEN is pleased to inform you that thanks to a recent Agreement, EURODL articles are now also published on the sophisticated electronic content hosting and distribution platform of the De Gruyter Open company.

The environment helps by automatic creation of active reference links, delivery of abstracts to abstracting databases, easy integration with library systems and user authentication. With the marketing services included, EURODL will have increased visibility, ensure growing citation, impact factor and reference linking, thus reach more readers and potential authors, enhancing further the global availability of the Journal.

The latest isssue with this new service has just been released.

Current issue on EURODL.



e-learning, distance learning, distance education, online learning, DE, higher education, blended learning, ICT, information and communication technology, collaborative learning, internet, interaction, LMS, learning management system, MOOC,

Current issue on De Gruyter Online

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For new referees

If you would like to referee articles for EURODL, please write to the Chief Editor Ulrich Bernath, including a brief CV and your area of interest.